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Weiss Floor harps are lever harps in styles from Classical to Celtic and in a number of different sizes. Nearly all can be fitted with levers for fast efficient key changes. Camac and Truit levers are used on floor harps and the smaller lap harps may have either Truit or Rees Tru-tone levers. They produce a clear and brilliant tone with plenty of volume for solo or ensemble playing. They may be strung with gut, synthetic gut or nylon strings.

Click on the image on the left for a more detailed description of the harp.

Each harp is made to order so your harp may be custom designed for very little extra cost.

  • Choose from a range of Australian timbers such as Queensland Maple, Blackwood and Australian Oak or exotic timbers like Mahogany or Cherry.
  • Handrubbed and oiled or finished with a tough plastic finish in satin or gloss. Wide range of stain or solid colours available.
  • Carving and soundboard painting available. (See HERE for examples.)
  • Your choice of levers
  • Stringing to suit your needs

    Prices quoted are for basic models without added decoration or features unless stated and are subject to change without notice.

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