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No Frills Harp

The No-Frills 26 Harp

No Frills Harp

The No-Frills 34 Harp

No Frills Harp

The Cardboard Harp

Weiss Harps

Pared down to the absolute essentials, these are instruments not toys. Great for travelling or an ideal starter harp for beginners. They are made from scrap timber (sturdy wooden frame and plywood sound box with polyurethane finish) so dimensions and colour may vary slightly. Levers may be fitted to some or all strings for a truly versatile instrument. Plenty of volume and surprisingly good tone.

No Frills 26

Height:     85cm
Depth:    56cm
Max. soundboard width:     30cm
Weight (approx):    3kg without levers
Strings:     26 Strings; Nylon mono-filament, 5C - 2G
Choice of levers:   Levers: Rees Trutone $25 each
Available in a choice of colours!

Only $530

No Frills 34

Height:     1.25m
Depth:    70cm
Max. soundboard width:     34cm
Weight (approx):    3kg without levers
Strings:     34 strings, nylon monofilament with wire wrap base
Levers:     Rees Trutone $25 each

Only $2600

The Cardboard Harp

Timber frame with a heavy duty cardboard soundbox
Height:     71cm
Depth:    50cm
Max. soundboard width:     24cm
Weight (approx):    Just over a kilo!
Strings:  21strings, nylon monofilament 4F-2E

Only $340

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